Oh wow, I started a Worpress page once?

Huh. I may or may not finally do something with this. Got the blog working againĀ  at least …

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A New Workspace

So I’ve started a wordpress version of my fairly new blog (the Libyan Civil War: Critical Views), since Blogger has been going down repeatedly. This last glitch won’t allow me to sign in at all and work on anything, except in the old IE I can run on this old Mac, and that is clearly messed up and unworkable for me. It’s probably a simple problem, but I can’t be bothered. It’s been that way for well over 24 hours with no acknowledgment of a problem to even start fixing. Judging by the neglected help forum, a lot (or all) of other users are having the same problem, and no one’s moved an inch to fix it.

So in case they’re just going to let that site die by neglect, I’d better start moving shop, or at least have a back-up place to continue working and communicating when they’re down.

I was mostly fired up by a few posts I’ve been meaning to finish, but the drafts are stored at Blogger and I’m very tired by now. So … anything I can do from Word docs I have or from scratch, will probably start appearing here soon.

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